About Us


We're Scott and Mandy, the husband and wife duo behind skoolieadventures.com. We're passionate about our family, adventure, and our Skoolie. Our goal is to share our experiences and knowledge we have learned along the way.



We’ve been very lucky to go to some pretty cool places in our time! Seeing the world together is very important to us.  We found that we connect in our marriage through shared experiences and stepping out of our comfort zone. A week after returning from a trip, we’re already scouting for a weekend road trip or even the next ticket out!



On our blog, we aim to share our knowledge and resources from our experiences.

Here’s what we want to share with you:

  • Beautiful locations and inspiration for your own travels

  • Real, authentic advice on how to get the most out of your tiny space

  • Our insider stories and goof-ups along the way

  • Personal stories and family updates (hey, it’s our own blog, right?)

  • Tangible advice on construction of your skoolie and life on a bus