About Us


We're Bridgette and claY, the husband and wife duo behind skoolieadventures.com. OUr life goals are to be free and do Exactly what wE want when we want… We are so close, we Can almost taste it! We set out for an adventure and we found it. We’re Currently driving our home across the country -a 38 foot bus!


We’ve Been married since jan 31, 2018 but have been traveling the world together since 2015. We are both southerners with a passion for adventure! We plan to travel and show the skoolie life to anyone that wants to see! Stick with us 🚌💨



On our blog, we aim to share our knowledge and resources from our experiences.

Here’s what we want to share with you:

  • Beautiful locations and inspiration for your own travels

  • Real, authentic advice on how to get the most out of your tiny space

  • Our insider stories and goof-ups along the way

  • Personal stories and family updates (hey, it’s our own blog, right?)

  • Tangible advice about life on a bus